Telecom Color Code Translator

Translate any telephone cable pair to its corresponding color code.

What makes it awesome

Telecom Color Code will translate any telephone cable pair to its corresponding color code or pair number. You provide the cable pair and it will quickly display the Pair color, Binder color and Super Binder color. You can also provide the color code and it will give you the pair number.

All telephone technicians should have this tool whether you’re experience or new to cable spicing. Phone wire or twisted cable comes in many sizes, but the app allows you to enter the cable count so its more dynamic and accurate than similar app. For instance, not all cable count starts at number 1, so you can start the count at any number.

The app not only works with simple cable counts such as 1 – 6000, but also mix cable count. For example, a 1,300 pair cable contains count 1 – 200, 601 – 900 and 2151 - 3000. This often happens when an engineer merges several cables into a single cable. It can be difficult to work with this type of cable because it takes more time to find a cable pair.

However, the Telecom Color Code app can provide the color code in an instance. Simple enter the starting cable pair and the end pair number of every count in the cable. Then, enter the pair number you want to find and it will calculate and display the Pair, Binder, and Super Binder color.

Easy To Use

Enter the pair number you need and get the color code instantly.

Display the Pair, Binder and Super Binder Color.

Color code chart

Includes a quick refernce chart (Android).

Design for Android & iPhone

Simple design, that allows for a unified experience across devices.

Reverse lookup

Select a binder and pair color to get the pair number.

Supports large cable

Cable sizes 1 - 6000 pairs.

Work with Different cable Counts

Find cable pairs fast in mix, odd and single count cable (Android).

How it works



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Some screenshots

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 12
Screenshot 13

Download it now

Put away the pen and paper. Get the app and find that pair fast.

Frequently asked questions

Can I find pairs in large cables?

Yes. The app support cables up to 6000 pairs.

What if the cable count doesn't start a 1?

You can provide the starting pair of the cable.

What information do I need about the cable to use the app?

All you need is the pair number you want to find.

However, if the cable count do not start at 1, you will need the starting pair.

What if the cable count is mix or jacked up?

The app work with those counts too. The mix count screen allow you to enter all the counts in the cable.

Where can I get it?

Available on the App Store & Google Play. Subscribe to our newsletter for updates.


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